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Turkey's largest real estate agency. 

Turyap, Turkey's oldest and most widespread real estate organization, was founded in Istanbul in 1985 by Azmi Sarıbay. With over 1500 expert staff and more than 25.000 sale-lease portfolio in Turkey, it has started a new era in the real estate sector. Nowadays Turyap holds leadership in the sector with 325 representative offices in 43 provinces of Turkey and has spent the first real estate system opened abroad. These representatives include Miami in the United States, Constanta in Romania, Brussels in Belgium, and Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Athens in Greece. 

The most important activity area of Turyap Athens is to invest 250,000 euros or more on the Turkish citizens who want to get a residence permit in Greece, to show real estate buying possibilities and to offer expert consultancy. A vast network of specialists has been developed, offering real estate buy-sells and consultancy services that fulfill all the necessary procedures to obtain a "Golden Visa" (5-year residence permit). 

In addition, our representatives follow short or long term leases, property maintenance, leaseholder relations and all transactions on behalf of our customers who wish to consider them as property investments they have purchased. 

Taking into account the "difference" between the high demand for the purchase of newly built real estate and the high supply for the sale of the old building property, the general manager of the representative office provided a balance between supply and demand by adding civil engineers, architects and construction companies to the broad expert network. 


Greece Golden Visa 

The Greece Investor Program is a five-year investment-based program that gives citizens of non-EU countries the right to free movement in the Schengen region of 26 countries.

Requirements for application to the Greek Investor Program:

  • A minimum of EUR 250,000 is invested in a property in Greece.
  • In addition to the above investment condition, the applicant's legal record, health, etc. required for application. All documents must be submitted.

The application process for the Investment Program lasts less than 8 weeks.

The main advantages of this investment program are:

  • The Schengen Region, which is composed of 26 European Union countries, grants visa-free travel for up to 3 months, 6 months.
  • Real estate can be rented to third parties provided that it is not a citizen of another state.
  • The session time of the session permit is rather short.
  • The amount of investment is one of the lowest amount of investment requested in the countries in Europe.
  • Not being physically present in the country does not prevent the renewal of the 5-year residence permit for the next 5-year period.
  • Spouses under 21 years of age and individuals liable to care are counted as family members.

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